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Renting in Maryland

  Are you interested in renting a property in Maryland?  We can help!  We assist clients in navigating the rental search, application, lease negotiation and move-in process.  Call us today to make an appointment with an agent to get started. 

Owning Rental Properties in Maryland

Do you own  investment property in Maryland? Are you thinking of investing in a rental property or building a rental portfolio?  We encourage you to check out our investing page to learn more about the process.


Below is an example of the step-by-step process to become an approved landlord and register the property as a rental unit in Baltimore County.


  1. Hire an approved licensed inspector. Find one here.

  2. If there are repairs or updates required pursuant to the law, you must complete the repairs and have the property re-inspected and certified (Note: Review the Baltimore County Inspection Sheet to prepare for the inspection and avoid paying a second fee for re-inspection.)

  3. Complete the Baltimore County Rental Housing Licensing Application Form.

  4. Pay the registration fee.

    1. Owner-occupied, one or two tenants: $40 per unit

    2. Owner-occupied, three or more tenants: $50 per unit

    3. Not owner-occupied: $50 per unit


The registration process must to occur before the tenant(s) moves into the dwelling. Rental License is valid for 3 years.  Additionally, if the property was built before 1/1/1978, you will need to have the property certified as Lead-Free.  Contact the Maryland Department of the Environment for more information about this process.​

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